All the connections between friends are checked by the system. Please make sure that all the conditions have been met in order to receive the reward.

📌 A friend should install Family Island for the first time. If the game was installed in the past or without using your special link, it does not count. So, if the game was installed on a friend's device in the past and they installed it again now, it will not be counted.

📌 A friend should complete the tutorial and reach level 4. You will receive you reward once your friend has completed all the steps. Please ask the invited player not to leave/delete the game immediately after they have reached level 4 so that the data can be saved on the server.

📌If you didn't receive the reward but you are convinced that all the requirements have been met, please wait for some time, restart the game and check the mailbox. We also recommend that your friend restarts the game after you have done this. Sometimes the reward can be delayed for several hours.

📌 The game must be installed on a device that officially supports Google Play/the App Store.

📌 Make sure your internet connection is stable when you click on the download link for the game.
If a friend has received the reward for you inviting them, then you will receive the reward as well.
Please, visit our Youtube channel and watch the video Invite friends and get bonuses!