Family Island is a plot-based adventure game. You get to discover the plot gradually with each level that you reach. You reach a new level when you gain a certain amount of experience points. You can get these points through the following actions:
  • Complete quests on the islands
  • Collect resources
  • Upgrade workshops and buildings
  • Exchange resources for experience

Tasks on the Home Island, quest and event islands are the main sources of experience points. If at some point you don't have any quests on Home Island, it means it’s high time to focus on exploring other islands! There is a chance you left them without attention for a while and it would be the perfect opportunity to catch up.

❗ A lot of quests will ask you to craft a number of items. To finish a quest you need to craft the items and NOT use them anywhere until the task is finished. In other words, the task will be completed when you have the requested number of items in storage. If you give something away for a building upgrade/to the merchant/for another item’s crafting, that item won't be counted in the task’s progress.