Rating refers to a list of players who compete with you for valuable prizes during an event (festival). Ratings are available only during festivals, and for every festival, a new leader board with competitors is created.

You can see the rating leaderboard icon under the icon of the ongoing festival. It looks like a gold trophy:

How are rating groups formed?

Players are divided into teams of 30 people according to their results in previous events. Active participation in previous events allows you to receive a higher reward in the next one. Of course, it’s hard to actively participate in every event, so those who do it regularly will get bigger rewards. It works the other way around too: if you missed a couple of past events or ranked last, the reward in the next event might be smaller.

How to earn rating points

Rating points (they look like blue coins, we also call them leaderboard points) fall from every resource that you collect on event island. Some islands might have a workshop where you can craft points, and you can also find rating points in gifts for event missions. Complete personal missions in the event, fill up the scale and receive gifts! The gifts can contain energy, gold tools, rubies, leaderboard points and various other resources that can be useful for quests on Home Island.

❗ Be attentive and collect gifts for personal missions as soon as they become available to you as leaderboard points that are contained in the gifts won't be credited to your score if you collected them after the official end of the event.

❗❗ We also strongly recommend refraining from collecting gifts with competition points in the last minutes of the event as the information about collecting such gifts can be processed by our server with a delay and as a result, the leaderboard points won't be added to your score. Why do I need ratings and what can I get for them?

Players in each team compete against each other. The goal is to get as many rating points as possible. Top-3 players will receive valuable prizes, but other players will also not remain without rewards. You can get time spheres, gold keys, gold bars and other resources as a reward for ratings.