Are you ready for excitement, family adventures, and ratings? 🤩

🏆 Rating Leaderboards - Show Off Your Skills

Family Island festivals are a blast, bringing players together through rating leaderboards. You'll be part of a group of 30 people, all aiming for those top spots and amazing prizes.

Wanna check your standing? Just click on the Gold Trophy badge to see the leaderboard and the time left for the festival.

🎖️ Earning Rating Points – Embrace Your Adventurous Spirit!  

To rack up rating points, you'll need to complete challenges on the event island.

Tap the challenges button in the leaderboard window to check out your current tasks. And guess what? Some islands even have a workshop where you can craft rating points—how neat is that?  

💫 Shoot for the Stars – Reap the Rewards  

The festival fun is all about earning as many rating points as possible.

The top 3 players in each group will score some seriously valuable prizes, but don't worry, everyone else gets a piece of the action, too! Rewards can include Time Spheres, Gold Keys, Gold Ingots, and other fantastic resources for your island adventure.  

Let the fun begin, and happy festival-ing! 🥳