Did you know that there's a daily rewards calendar in the game, just waiting to shower you with awesome goodies? 🎉

The daily rewards calendar is pretty straightforward – just log in every day, and you'll get a sweet treat from Bruce and Eva as a sign of appreciation, like Gold tools, Rubies, and Energy. ⚡

The rewards will reset when you finish the 7-day cycle. But be careful! If you miss a day, the countdown resets, and you'll start from Day 1 again.  📅

🤩 Milestone Rewards – Bonus Bonanza:

Milestone rewards are like hitting the jackpot on specific days of the calendar. 

You'll find the progress bar for milestone rewards at the top of the daily rewards screen. Watch it fill up as you collect daily rewards, and get ready to celebrate when you reach the next milestone, including the ultimate gift after 30 days of logging in. 🙌

After 30 days, the progress bar will reset, giving you the chance to collect more amazing rewards.

🌴 Family Fun Fact: If you want to see how much time you have left until your next daily reward, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the menu icon at the top right of your screen.  
  2. Choose the calendar option, and voilà! You're in the daily rewards zone.  

So, go ahead and make sure to log in every day – your island (and the family) will thank you!