Ever wanted to turn your Energy spent into treasure? Well, with the Piggy Bank, you can! 🤩

Here's how it works: Your Piggy Bank fills up as you use Energy to gather resources around your island.

Just a heads up that the Energy amount put in isn't only tied to what you've spent, but it also depends on the actions you take in the game. Think of it like your own little reward system for being an active island adventurer.  

🐷 Curious about your Piggy's status? Simply tap on the Piggy Bank icon at the top of your screen when it's active. It'll open up a scale that shows you how close you're to hitting the jackpot. Once the scale is chock-full, you'll get the chance to grab a special offer.


⭐ Remember, after the offer time expires, you won't be able to get the Piggy Bank until it's ready to be filled up again for your next adventure!  

Now you're ready to take your next journey to the (Piggy) Bank! ⛵