Hey, Islanders! 🏝️ 

You've already mastered energy generators and Time Fountains - now it's time to unlock even more captivating and rewarding objects to supercharge your experience like never before.

Let's set sail and explore these island treasures:

Basketball Hoop 🏀

The Basketball Hoop springs to life at level 51. As you explore the island through seven engaging stages, you'll enjoy discovering enticing rewards. Along with the hoop, a new object bounces into the game - a basketball. Once the hoop is complete, take the ball and shoot for the hoop (use it in the upgrade window). Each slam dunk gives you tons of experience and energy points. ⛹️‍♀️

Picnic Spot 🧺

The Picnic Spot pops up when you reach level 57. It has two upgrade stages, and with the help of picnic baskets, you can upgrade the spot to the third stage. That's when it transforms into a rechargeable energy generator! It'll produce loads of Energy and Experience Points five times before rolling back to the second stage, patiently awaiting the next basket. 🧺

Embark on these exhilarating quests and brighten your island escapade!