Hey, islanders!

We already know how to use ordinary energy generators in the game - we just tap on the object and collect energy. Even the  time fountain has been sorted out.

But now the game has more interesting and promising objects that give a powerful boost of energy and experience.

Let's find out more about them.

1. Basketball hoop.
A basketball hoop appears at level 51. To complete it, you need to go through 7 stages, but it's worth it.
Together with the hoop, a new object appears in the game - a basketball. As soon as the hoop is completed, take the ball and throw it into the hoop (use it in the upgrade window).
Each ball thrown gives you 400 experience points and 350 energy points.

2. Place for a picnic

The picnic will appear in the game upon reaching level 57. It has two stages of upgrade. With the help of picnic baskets, you upgrade the picnic to the third stage, when it turns into a rechargeable energy generator - it will produce 50 energy and 100 experience 5 times, and then roll back to the second stage while waiting for the next basket.

We hope you find this helpful, good luck with your game!