Greetings Islanders!

Ready to decorate your island and generate some energy?⚡️

😉 We've got you covered with the steps below:

  1. First things first, clear the path to your desired decoration or Energy-generating item. Once it's all clear, keep your eyes peeled for a shopping cart icon above it- only items with shopping cart icons above them can be collected as decor! 🛒
  2. Now, head back to your Home Island. And guess what? A magical window will pop up, notifying you about the newly acquired object in your storage. Exciting, right? You've got options! You can hit that "Set up" button and place the item on your map right away. No time to waste! 🏝
  3. If you're feeling like saving the surprise for later, no problem! Just tap the "Keep in storage" button and you can set it up whenever your heart desires. Simply hop over to the storage section (it's that cool shopping cart in the lower right corner) and look for the carton box icon. Your treasures await! 🌟

💥 Have a blast decorating and generating that energy! You're gonna rock it!