Hey Adventurer!

Get ready to supercharge your game with boosters and discounts!

The booster feature kicks in automatically - a nifty alert window will appear on the screen, describing the bonus.

Once the timer starts, you'll have limited time to use the boosters, so keep an eye on the clock in the upper left corner and make every second count! 🕛

What Boosters Are Available?

🪓 Adventure Boost: Get more resources on your adventure island. Look for the ax icon on an object, which means you'll receive more resources for the same amount of Energy.

🧭 Adventure Tasks Booster: Get even more prizes for finishing adventure tasks. It's a win-win.

💪 Champion BoostNeed extra leaderboard points while clearing objects or gathering resources? This one is perfect for you and for climbing the leaderboard ranks!

💥 Energy Blast: This fantastic booster reduces Energy costs for chopping down resources.

🎁 Energy Gift Booster: With this boost, you'll get more Energy points from special gift boxes.

✨ Fortune Quest Booster: Complete the puzzle, open the Fortune Chest, and get extra rewards.

🗝️ Gold Chest BoosterUnleash more Gold Tools by opening treasure chests while this boost is live.

🗺️ Maps Booster: Conquer adventure maps and increase your winnings.

🩷 Pink Bag Booster: Who doesn't love a surprise? This booster gives you additional items in the Pink Bag. Keep in mind though, what you find in it can vary from island to island and may increase as you travel further in the adventure islands.


💎 Ruby BoostThis is a game-changer, lowering your Ruby costs for building or boosting item production.

💣 Set Blast: Activate the Set Blast booster to receive extra rewards when you complete card sets while it's active. It's a great way to increase your gains!

🌟 Keep in mind that with some boosters, the extra reward amount is already applied. Remember to look for the green arrow on your adventure tasks or your Seasonal Album badge to know when a booster's active. And hey, give your game a quick refresh when you see the booster to make sure you get all those extra goodies!

Get ready to boost your Family Island experience and have a blast! 🚀