Dear friends!

We introduce you a great feature in the game - boosters/discounts! They show up periodically and are enabled for all Family Island players for a certain time.
How do they work?

The feature is activated automatically - an alert window with a description of the bonus appears on the screen. Once you click the green “Great” button, the timer begins, and you will have a limited time to use the boosters. Keep an eye on the clock in the upper left corner of the screen, grab this opportunity and make the best of it! Tick-tock!

What kind of boosters are there?

💥 Energy blast
This type of booster reduces energy costs for chopping down any resources. The previous cost of a resource in energy will be crossed out like in the screenshot below.
💪 Champion booster
This booster lets you receive extra leaderboard points while you are just clearing out objects on various islands/gathering resources. It is very useful when you are chasing for a higher place on the leaderboard!

🔻 Ruby booster

This great booster lowers the costs of rubies that you need to boost production of items to get crafted or for buildings to be built on Home Island.

🌲 Adventure boost
This boost increases the amount of received resources on the main adventure. To identify which object is covered by the boost - click on the object once. If there is an axe icon above it - you will get more resources!