Dear friends!

From time to time you feel the need to contact technical support in the game to clarify information or solve a technical problem. We are always happy to help and try to find a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Please be guided by the following principles when contacting support:

🔹 Refrain from using abusive language. This applies both to words in full form, and with the replacement of letters with “***” and in the form of abbreviations.
🔹 Refrain from disrespecting the work of technical support agents or developers. We understand that unpleasant situations sometimes happen, but we ask you to avoid disrespectful comments towards the team.
🔹 Spam messages and inappropriate materials (photos or videos) are not allowed in the technical support chat, please write on the point of the problem or question.

We reserve the right to refuse to process the request in case of violation of the above mentioned principles.