Hey there, island-hopper! 🏝️ Did you know some of your Expedition Islands stick around, offering you a variety of cool experiences?

Let's dive into the different types of open islands and see what they have in store!  🤩

Islands for Extra Resources 🎁

Some islands, like Balancer Island and Maze Island, stay open so you can keep gathering resources without affecting your progress on the next islands. That means more supplies to help you on your journey!   

Islands with Side Quests 📜

Other islands stick around until you finish all the side quests. Once you do, you'll unlock the next expedition island and keep the adventure going. 

For Mysterious Island, you'll need to find the Mysterious Egg 🥚 and use it to improve the pyramid on Home Island before you can travel to Invention Island.

Islands Requiring a Visit to Another Island 🧭

Some islands, like Invention Island, need you to visit another island before you can move forward in the game. Time to pack your bags and explore!

Islands with Additional Home Island Tasks 🏡

Islands like Hippo Island, Raccoon Island, Ribbiting Island, and Turtle Island are all connected in one story line and need you to complete an extra task on your Home Island before they close. Keep an eye out for these tasks, 'cause they'll help you unlock new parts of the game.

Enjoy your island-hopping adventure! ⛵