Get ready for a fantastic and rewarding adventure with the Order Board. 📬

The extended family needs to place some orders and they're willing to make it worth your while. 😉

How can I access the Order Board?

You can find the Order Board to the left of your island.

The Board is available from level 25 and will stay on your island your entire journey, so if you don't have it yet, keep building and exploring your island.

How can I complete Orders?

  1. Click on the Order Board to open your list of orders. You'll see small, medium, and large requests, depending on how many items the family member needs. Bigger orders mean more progress and experience points, so don't shy away from challenges! 💪
  2. Orders that are good to go will be marked with a green checkmark. ✅ Click on the order box and then click on 'SEND'. Once you've sent the goods to the family member in need, they'll reward you with experience points ⭐ and order points .⚙️ The order points help you advance on the progress bar.
  3. Keep completing orders to fill up the progress bar before time runs out to get the grand prize. 🏆 Curious to see what awesome reward awaits you? Click on the gift icon at the end of the progress bar to find out.

Can I remove orders from the Board?

Yes, you can. If you're not ready to part with your resources, you can click on the trash icon to remove an order from the list. 🗑️ Just remember that you'll need to wait for a new order to appear (you'll see a timer once you remove the order) or use rubies to skip the wait.

How can I tell if I have items needed to complete my order?

✅ Spot a green checkmark above the board? That's your cue that you have all the items necessary to complete an order.

You'll also see this green check on orders within the board.

❗If you see a yellow exclamation mark, it's time to put on your explorer's hat and search for the missing items. 

What happens once I complete the progress bar?

Once you've conquered the progress bar and claimed your special treasure, wait until the next day for the family to start granting order points again. 

In the meantime, you can complete orders to gain experience points and level up your island paradise. 🏝️

What happens if I don't fill up the progress bar before time runs out?

Keep a close eye on the 24-hour timer on the top of the Order Board. 🕛

If you don't fill up the progress bar within the given time, the bar will reset to zero and you won't get the main prize. You will get to keep any experience points you've already earned.

After the 24-hour period, a new prize will be up for grabs, and you'll have another 24 hours to earn more order points. 🙌

So put on your game face and start fulfilling orders to unlock incredible rewards, boost your island experience, and make the fam happy. ✨