Get ready to rev up the excitement with the Token Wheel, where the spin is on and the prizes are hot!

During the Token Wheel Event, you'll have the chance to win amazing rewards, such as Energy, Diamonds, and more!

To start your spin-tastic journey, begin with the Bronze Wheel. But before you get spinning, you'll need to gather the necessary resources from the island and craft some Bronze tokens. Once you have your tokens, it's time to give that wheel a whirl and collect your winnings!

But, don't stop there. As you level up, the stakes get higher, and the fun gets even better. Collect all the prizes on the Bronze Wheel to unlock the Silver Wheel and the ability to make Silver tokens. Then, keep spinning your way to the top to unlock the Gold Wheel and Gold-token crafting capabilities.

🏝️ Family Fun Fact: You're guaranteed a reward with each spin, so don't hesitate to get crafty and spin your way to victory.

Go ahead and spin to win!