Hey there, Island Adventurers!

Ready to spin your way to some fantastic prizes? Introducing the Token Wheel Blast event, where excitement levels are sky-high! 🌁


What is the Token Wheel Blast event?

The Token Wheel Blast event is a whirlwind adventure where you can win awesome rewards, like Energy, Diamonds, and more, by spinning the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Wheels. It's like having a fortune-filled fiesta at your fingertips!

Where can I find the Token Wheel Blast event? 🧭

The Token Wheel Blast event is located where all the promotions are placed at the top of the screen.


How do I complete the quest to use Tokens in the Token Wheel Blast?

Prepare for fortune and excitement! To complete the quest, you need to be on Fortune Island when you spin the wheel - keep in mind that the quests for the Token Wheel Blast will only appear on Fortune Island and Home Island.

So, if you spin the Token Wheel on an Island besides Fortune Island, the quest won't be counted. Gather the necessary resources from the island and craft some Bronze tokens to start your spinning journey!  

How do I use Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tokens?

Begin with the Bronze Wheel and craft Bronze tokens to spin it. Once you've collected all the Bronze Wheel prizes, you'll unlock the Silver Wheel which is when you can start using Silver tokens. Keep spinning and leveling up to unlock the Gold Wheel. ✨


What happens to my Tokens after the event is over?

Don't worry! Your leftover tokens will stay in your storage (in the "Rare" tab) and carry over to the next Token Wheel Blast activity. 💼


🏝️ Family Fun Fact: With each spin, you're guaranteed a reward. So, don't hesitate to get crafty and spin your way to victory. So, get ready to let the wheel of fortune turn in your favor.

Grab your tokens, and let's spin to win, Adventurers! 🏅