So many islands to explore - where will you sail to next? ⛵

🗺️ Adventure Islands: Each of these unique islands comes with a special story. When these limited-time islands are live, complete tasks to win some great rewards, including awesome new decorations for your Home Island. Several Adventures even offer the opportunity to compete with other players! 🏆

🧭 Expedition Islands: These mission-filled islands will unlock when you complete quests on a certain island or level up.

Expedition Islands are not time-limited, but some will close when you move from one Expedition Island to the next.

🏝️ Family Fun Fact: Did you know that finishing tasks on Expedition Islands will help you progress on your Home Island?! Completing quests can help you make advancements, such as allowing you to upgrade buildings, open a new section, unlock recipes, and more.

Bon voyage on your journey!