Gold island is a time-limited adventure island that gives you the opportunity to craft and earn those coveted Gold items.

When this Island is live, you'll have an exclusive opportunity to craft Gold KeysGold Tools, and Gold Ingots at different crafting stations.

Just collect the resource you need for the crafting station, such as Gold Sand, Golden Ivy, or Gold Shavings, and begin turning your Gold into an even more precious item.


Gold isn't the only thing that glitters on this Island, though - there are ways to earn other fantastic prizes too!

  1. Complete your active tasks (from the left side of the screen) and find different-color Tokens throughout the Island
  2. Put your unique Tokens into the appropriate jar
  3. Collect your valuable reward, like Time Spheres, Rubies, and more!

🏝️ Family Fun Fact:  The Legendary Coins are the rarest and can be exchanged for Treasure Chests with a special offer