Hello Island Adventurers!

Get ready for a whirlwind of fun - Bruce, Eva, and Lizzy have some thrilling adventures just for you. 

  1. When the adventures are live, be sure to peek into the festival tasks window to see the exciting missions waiting for you.
  2. Complete awesome tasks like feeding your chickens, cooking scrumptious food, and trading with the mystical Shaman to earn points. 🐓
  3. Keep racking up points to advance on the progress bar and unlock amazing milestone gifts!

Some special gifts include the Ruby Castle, Wonder Tree, and the Mysterious Altar:  

  1. You can win these fabulous home decorations and their unique coins as milestone prizes during the Adventure. 
  2. Pluck the items from the Events section of your inventory and move them to your Home Island.
  3. Use the Coins to upgrade your items and enjoy their fantastic rewards:  
  • Ruby Coins: Upgrade the Ruby Castle and receive Rubies. The higher the level, the more Rubies you'll get! Once you've collected the maximum Rubies, the Castle resets to level 1. 🏰  

📌 Note: If you've already won the decorations in a previous event, you can find them on your island already or in your inventory.

  • Shiny Coins: Boost the Wonder Tree's level and get Energy. The higher the level, the more Energy you'll receive. Once all Energy charges are collected, the Tree resets to level 1. 🌳  

  • Hero Coins: Enhance the Mysterious Altar and obtain Time Spheres. The higher the level, the more Time Spheres you'll get. Once the maximum Time Spheres are collected, the Altar resets to level 1.

🏝️ Family Fun Tip: Remember to spend your Coins during the Adventure! Some decorations, like the Ruby Castle, can only be upgraded while the event is live. Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your decorations before the event ends!

Prepare yourself for a rewarding family adventure full of surprises!