Are you considering a fresh start? 🏝️

Here's how you can reset your game:

  1. Go to your game settings. ⚙️

  2. Choose the 'Account' option.  

  3. Select 'Log out of Social Media Accounts.' Keep in mind that choosing the other option, 'Permanently delete my account', will lead to your game data being removed forever - no turning back. 😨


4. Reinstall the game.  

5. When you reload the game and want to connect it to social media, a pop-up will appear asking whether you'd like to link your game to 'Local' or 'Server data. Select 'Local' if you to start the game over from the very beginning.

    • If you want to go back to your previous account and restore your progress from before, select 'Server.


Now you're ready to embark on a new adventure! ⛵