Grow skywards, beautiful flowers! 💐 Help them bloom before the season is over! 👩‍🌾

Greetings, islanders!

Our favorite family needs your gorgeous green thumb to plant fresh flowers and take care of them until they blossom. Every season, a new garden bed will appear on Home Island where you’ll be able to plant a new flower and fertilize it until it’s fully grown. 


🌻 How to Grow Flowers?

  1. Find flower tokens while the season is live to feed your flower.

  2. Keep growing your fragrant flowers to reach higher levels and see those experience points roll in.

  3. Complete all 12 levels to enjoy a well-deserved reward. 🏆



🌺 Flower Elixir:

Flower Elixir is used to upgrade flowers in the seasonal garden on your home island. This special fertilizer can be found in various places throughout your in-game adventures including:

🌷 Tournament rewards

🌼 Milestone rewards in game festivals

🌹 Prize rush/ prize sprint/ prize chase activities

🌼 Promotion packs

🌷 Chests on adventure islands

🏝️ Island Insights: 

  • Your flower tokens are bottles of fertilizer that will have different names every season. For example: we have azure, honey-yellow, pink elixir, and so many more! 😻

  • Each flower will have its own special token - so no mixing & matching!

  • Keep in mind that once you’ve passed level 12, you can continue fertilizing your flower with tokens for experience points, but it will no longer grow.

  • You have until the season is over to collect flower tokens, so get fertilizing! 🕛

🏝 Do as the Islanders Do: The Seasonal Flower Garden is located on a special part of your Home Island that is only available once you’ve reached Level 8. If you haven’t gotten there yet, make sure to level up to join in on the fun! 🚀

🦋🪴 Now let's bring that garden to life with your flower power!🌸❤️‍🔥