🦉 Hoot - Hoot!🦉

🦅 Soar in to earn golden acorns for a WINGSPAN OF SURPRISES! 🎉

Flock on over, islanders!

Spread your wings and EGG-perience our EGG-ceptional Owl’s Shop & Owl’s Vault! If you love trading in tokens for rewards as much as we do, then you’ve come to the right place! 😎

The Owl’s Shop is a temporary store that stays open for a limited amount of time. While the shop is open, you’ll be able to collect golden acorn tokens by spending energy as you usually do when you gather your resources. Once you’ve accumulated enough golden acorns, you can swap them for super cool prizes in the shop. 😲

Let’s fly along the horizon and land on some - wait for it…

🪶 Fluffy Feathered Fun Facts: 

  • You can find the Owl’s Shop icon located in the top right corner of your main screen

  • A variety of different offers will be presented to you once you open the shop

  • The buttons under each offer will turn green when you have the amount of acorns needed for those offers, if not, the buttons will remain yellow

  • As soon as you’ve clicked on an offer, it will automatically disappear & be replaced by a new one

🧐 How do you know how many golden acorns you’ve accumulated?

Let’s unlock the Owl’s Vault to get some answers!

  • Your Owl Vault icon will be displayed on the right sidebar of your screen

  • Once you’ve clicked on the icon to open the vault, you’ll see the exact number of golden acorns you have inside

  • Can’t remember how to get more acorns? Just click on the “?” on the top left corner of your Owl Vault window for an EGG-traordinary explanation!

🏝 Do as the Islanders Do: Remember, this is a time-limited opportunity, so keep your eyes on the timers that appear on the Owl’s Shop & Owl’s Vault icons. That way, you won’t miss out on all of our EGG-citing prizes!