👧🏻 Lizzy needs your luck! 🐚 Dive in to pick shells & swim in rewards! 🌊 

Greetings, islanders!

It’s a beautiful day to explore the bottom of the ocean and splash into a seabed full of surprises! You’re already familiar with our family’s favorite Disco Party & Prize Rush....

🕶 Now picture this 🕶

Combine both of these amazing activities together & get the UNBELIEVABLE… Underwater Hunt! 🤿

  1. When the Event is live, click on the badge to see how you can advance and begin earning those tokens
  2. Earn enough tokens to fill up the progress bar and get a seashell
  3. Start your “Dive” by tapping on the pearly purple shell icon in the top right corner of your screen


  4. Select a shiny seashell to reveal your REWARD!


  5. Repeat to make your way through all the levels!

🏝 Do as the Islanders Do: Shhh! Can you keep a secret?🤫 If you want to know what gifts are up for grabs, you can see them listed at the top of your Underwater Hunt window 👀

Enjoy this adventure - it's sometimes better under the sea!