👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Fill your family albums with the island’s incredible card collection!📚

🎴 Calling all card collectors!📣

Hey there, islanders! 

As we all know, our favorite family has been making tons of memories on this island and what better place to store them in than Family Albums!

That’s right! Bruce, Eva, Timmy & Lizzy all need your help filling up these albums with beautiful cards that have different images of everything and anything related to this island!

🎴 So, want to be a card connoisseur? 🧐 Here’s everything you need to know:

First thing’s first! How do you even BEGIN collecting cards?

😌 Well, you can get them in rewards during event activities or purchase them in our promotional packs! 🎉

Next, find your collections icon at the bottom of your screen. 


Once you tap on the collections icon to open it, you’ll be able to view all of your seasonal albums!

Each album contains a certain amount of sets and your mission is to complete each set with its corresponding cards in order to receive BIG REWARDS! 🥳


At the bottom of each album window you’ll find a progress bar which will fill up with every NEW card added (NOT with duplicates)

🗓️ Each Album is available for several weeks with opportunities to collect Card Packs daily from various in-game events, competitions, promotions and festivals. Just keep in mind that while each Pack gives you the chance for new Cards, there's no guarantee, so you may receive duplicates in your Card Packs. 🂡🂡

You’ll notice that each card has a different value based on the number of stars shown. These stars indicate how rare a card is, the more stars it has, the more it's worth!


If you have duplicate cards, you’ll see a small number in the top right corner of your card that will tell you exactly how many duplicates you have. If your card is new, it’ll say “New” in the top right corner instead

🏝 Do as the Islanders Do: If you’re ever feeling nostalgic, and you’d like to flip through the pages of your previous albums, just click on the “All Seasons” button in the top left corner of your collections window.