⛺️ Your story starts here!📍 Grab your gear & map out your exciting excursions!🧭

🛶 All aboard, islanders!

Our journey has begun, and Home Island is just the first stop! The deep blue sea is filled with incredible islands, and they’re all waiting for you to explore. Let’s dust off our telescopes and roll out our maps to discover all the amazing adventures ahead of us!

🗺 Open the “Family Archipelago” by tapping on the island icon on the bottom left part of your screen to reveal a sensational selection of islands to choose from:


🌋 Expedition Islands:

  • Scroll through the menu to view your completed, opened, and locked islands 🤠


  • Some islands will say “Complete Quest” if you first need to complete a certain task or finish a previous island in order to enter this one 🤓 

  • Islands that say “Level XX Required” will only open once you reach that level - so make sure to level up! 👏


  • Completed islands will be marked with a green checkmark ✅ and are still accessible up to 24 hours ⌛️ after you have finished it. After that, it’s locked for good 🔒 

🪂 Adventure / Festival Islands:

  • At the bottom of your travel menu, you’ll find a list of available adventures 🏰

  • Tap on the festival icons to view the islands included in each adventure 🏖️

  • To see your progress and possible rewards, simply click on the bar that appears on each festival island icon 🎁 


🏝 Do as the Islanders Do: The pin symbol 📍 on an island shows your current location. You can always head back to Home Island whenever you want by tapping the Home Island button in the bottom left corner. 🏡