🔥 A bountiful mission!🗿 Your trail of tiles is ready with rewards!👑

🥾 Gear up, islanders!

We’re going on a very special trek along a trail of tiles filled with treats! 

But how far down the trail should we go? We’re leaving that up to our wise and wonderful spinning wheel! 


1. Tap on the badge at the bottom of the screen to enter the Trail. Feel free to go in & out of the game as much as you'd like while it's live!

2. Collect Trail Tokens through certain missions, purchases, and event prizes. Make sure to click on the '?' by the progress bar for more information. Remember - you won't be able to spin the wheel without the tokens!

3. Spin the wheel to know which tile you can make your way over to. Multiply your bet for an opportunity to increase your points and boost your tile rewards!

4. Keep spinning to get points to move along the trail, and be on the lookout for rewarding tiles -- if you land on one, you'll get a prize!

5. Once the event is over, your remaining tokens will be converted into energy!

🏝 Do as the Islanders Do: Don’t think we forgot about your progress bar! Keep filling it up to reach those milestone rewards until you win the Grand Prize! 🏆

Let's get trekking!