👏 Be a Top-Performer! 🏅 Hit that #1 spot on the leaderboard for a big WIN! 🎉

🏆 Victory can be YOURS, islander!

Our beloved family always likes some friendly competition, and they’re cheering for YOU in the All Star Championship! 

🌟 You can participate in our exciting contest by:

  • Collecting the champion medal tokens from your milestone rewards when festival tasks are completed.
  • Crafting your own champion medal tokens during some adventure island events.

Now here comes the BEST part: once you have enough tokens, you’ll be able to enter our awesome leaderboard!


And of course, it wouldn’t be a family contest without some incredible island REWARDS! Soak up your sweet surprises when the competition is over!

🏝 Do as the Islanders Do: Keep your eye on the championship icon on the right sidebar to see how much time is left in this seasonal, time-limited contest!

We hope you enjoy being a true all-star! ⭐⭐