🪄 And now for our next card trick…watch them transform into points!🌟

🥳 Hey Islanders,

We've got some fantastic news for you! We know how it may feel to receive multiples of the same card, and that's why now you can EXCHANGE YOUR DUPLICATE CARDS! 🎴💥

We've come up with a sweet way to turn your duplicate cards into something truly valuable – POINTS! 

That's right, you can now convert your extra cards into points and exchange them for amazing rewards. It's like turning lemons into lemonade, but way cooler! 😎

So, here's how it works: every time you get a duplicate card, it automatically gets converted into valuable points. The more duplicates you have, the more points you earn.

​​Where do duplicate points come from?

Directly from your duplicate cards! 🎴

How do duplicate points work, how are they calculated?

As you collect extra cards, they are converted into a balance of duplicate points. Points are then used to grab exciting rewards and taken out of your total balance. The higher the rarity of the card, the more points you receive! 🎉

If I use duplicate points do I lose my original card or only duplicates?

Only duplicate cards can grant you points. Your original card will always remain in your album even after all of its duplicates have been converted into points. 📚

What can I use duplicate points for?

Use your points to unlock exclusive offers that'll give you all sorts of incredible rewards! 🎁

Can duplicate cards be traded?

Currently, duplicate cards cannot be traded in our island adventures.  🌋 

What happens to duplicate points after the season ends?

At the end of the season, duplicate points are reset and any remaining duplicate cards will be removed, making way for new cards and new points to be collected - so make sure you exchange them for exciting prizes while you can! 🎊

Will offers disappear after the timer ends?

No, the offers will not disappear after the timer ends. Instead, the offers will reset and be available for you to grab once again. This ensures that you always have fresh and exciting opportunities to exchange your points for rewards! 🔄🎁

👏 Keep exploring, keep collecting and keep converting those extra cards into awesomeness! 🙌