👷🏻‍♂️ Calling all architects! 🔎 Let’s search high & low for the blueprint fragment to build the forge!🗺

🌊 Greetings Islanders!

So, here's what you need to do if you wanna get your hands on that elusive blueprint fragment for the forge:

  1. Head on over to our incredible Iron Island ⚙️🏝

  2. Once you find yourself there, keep your eye out for an ancient forge 👀

  3. …but hold your horses, because you're gonna have to take it apart piece by piece ☝️

  4. Don't worry though, all that hard work will pay off when you score that blueprint fragment and level up the forge on your very own Home Island! 🏡

👦 Timmy's Tips: If you use the magnifying glass to hunt for that blueprint fragment, the game will hit you with a cheeky "Not on map" message. Turns out, you gotta get your hands dirty and dismantle the old forge first, so get smashin'!

🥾 Time to gear up and get building!💪