🪓 You can now AXE for more! 💥 Multiply your resources with every chop! 🥳

Greetings, Islanders!

We’re chopping it like it’s HOT with the Power Mode! 🔥

Ready to maximize your resource collection and make your island adventures even more enjoyable? 😍

🏊‍♀️ Let’s dive right into the river of flowing resources and discover everything there is to know about the Power Mode:

While using the Power Mode, the resources you chop down and receive will be MULTIPLIED based on the amount of energy you use! 🤩 

✅ To change your Power Mode setting:

  1. Tap the number button next to your energy bar to increase the multiplier ⬆️

  2. Keep tapping until you reach the maximum or until you reach your desired multiplier 😎

  3. Start chopping & receive the amount of resources that correspond to your Power Mode setting! 🎉


🧑🏻‍🏫 Now, let's talk about the nitty-gritty details. The minimum multiplier available is 1, and it's always there for you to use.

The Power Mode button can only be used on maps where the feature is active. That means if you don't see it, don't worry, it's just not available on that particular map. We don't want to confuse you with unnecessary buttons, after all.🗺️

As you’ve noticed, the Power Mode is directly tied to your energy balance. In order to use a higher multiplier, you will need to have enough energy available. ⚡️

🪫 If your energy balance is low, a higher multiplier option may not be accessible at that moment.🙅‍♂️


No worries, though! As your energy balance increases, you'll be able to set the Power Mode to a higher multiplier.🔋

But hold on, there's more! 🤓

Let's say you've reached the maximum multiplier available. All you need to do is give it a regular tap, and it will reduce back to 1. Simple, right? It's all about finding the right balance.

Alternatively, you can restart the game, and it will automatically set the multiplier back to x1.

🧑🏼‍🦰 Timmy's Tips: Don't worry, islander, we like keeping things fair around here! The Power Mode does not apply to areas on the island that require you to spend energy to progress, without providing any resources in return.


🏝 Do as the Islanders Do: Keep in mind that the Power Mode only affects actions that require energy. Therefore, it won't multiply any other rewards or gifts you collect during your adventures. 🎁

🪓🪵 Now let’s go on a CHOPPING spree!🌳🪓