Ready for an exciting challenge? Our Balloon Darts Board event is a fun-filled adventure that's sure to spice up your island life.


How to Play

  1. Spot the Event 👀: Start your dart-throwing journey by keeping an eye out for the event icon at the bottom of your game screen. This is your entry to the Balloon Darts Board event.
  2. Gather Your Darts 🎯: As you and your family explore the island, using Energy and Rubies, you'll get darts for the event. Check the progress bar on the event icon - it's your dart-o-meter! Every time you fill it up, you'll gain more darts.
  3. Play the Game 🎈: Once you're armed with your darts, it's time to head to the Balloon Darts Board. Ready, aim, pop! Burst those balloons to win fantastic prizes.
  4. Aim for the Grand Prize 🏆: Each dart you throw not only pops a balloon but also adds to your milestone bar. Fill it out to the brim and the grand prize is yours!


⭐ Remember, Islanders:

  • Any Chests or Card Packs won during the game will open once you close the event window.

Ready, aim, pop your way to victory! 🤩