🙆‍♂️ Hey Islanders! 

We've got some answers to your burning questions about playing the game on different devices, PC compatibility, and system requirements. Let's dive in!  🏊‍♂️

🕹️ Can I play Family Island on multiple devices?  

It's possible to play Family Island on more than one device, but we strongly recommend against it because it could lead to unexpected tech glitches - and we might not be able to fix it.

⚠️ Should you decide to use multiple devices, keep in mind:  

  • The game shouldn't be played on two devices at the same time, as this can cause technical issues.

  • If you're picking up the game on a second device, don't forget to close the game on your first device. Otherwise, you risk losing your progress.  

  • Make sure you have the same game version installed on all devices. Different versions won't let you play on any of them.

🧐 But can I play Family Island on my PC?

Our island adventures are exclusive to iOS and Android mobile devices. If you encounter any technical issues while playing unofficial versions of the game, we won't be able to lend a hand. To ensure a secure and stable experience, be sure to download the game from the official App Store or Google Play. Sail away on your mobile vessel and embrace the tropical fun!  ⛵️

🌊 Alright, let’s splash into this exciting world and escape to a virtual paradise! 🌈