The family has made contact with this cool merchant named Hapoor who sails up to your island and asks for some items you can produce or collect.

And guess what? Completing his orders can score you some sweet gifts like Energy, Rare items, and maybe even a shiny Gold Key!  🗝️

⚓ Completing the Merchant's Orders:

  1. When Hapoor sails up, click on his boat to see which items he's asking for. If he has an order you can complete right away, you'll see a green checkmark above the ship. If not, you'll see an exclamation mark.
  2. If you have all the items for an order, click on the green 'GIVE' button to hand over your resources.
  3. But if you don't have what you need, no worries. Just head back to land, craft the necessary items, and return. Or, you can click on the green button to send the specified amount of Rubies instead.
  4. Complete Hapoor's requests before time runs out and collect your awesome prizes. 🙌

Curious about the rewards? Click on the gift boxes on top of the order cards to take a sneak peek at what awaits you.

🎁 Getting Progress towards Rewards

The order cards act like a progress bar.

When you complete an order, a green check mark will appear on the card, showing your progress towards the next milestone gift. Keep completing orders to unlock the ultimate gift at the end. On the other hand, if you decline an order, a red X will appear on the last order card.

🗑️ Declining an order:

If you're not happy with an order, just tap on the red trash bin icon in the upper right corner of the order card to remove it. But be careful not to reject too many orders, as this may lead to getting a smaller reward.

You can decline up to six orders before Hapoor sets sail.

🕛 Keeping an Eye on the Clock:

Time is of the essence! Watch the timer above Hapoor's docking station. He's a busy merchant and stays for about 15 hours. Make sure to complete his orders before time runs out, or he'll sail away.

Don't worry though, you'll still receive rewards for the orders you managed to complete.  

⛵ The Merchant's Return Visits:

Hapoor will make frequent return visits with fresh new orders for you to explore.

The timer above the buoy will show you how long you have left before he comes back. And if you're eager to see him, you can click on the buoy and use rubies to invite him back sooner.

Now you're ready for when Hapoor comes to visit! Word on the island is that he's looking forward to seeing you. 🤩