Ready to unlock some amazing rewards with Ozzy the Shaman in Family Island? Well, here's the scoop!  🕵️

Once you've built the bridge on Home Island and fixed Ozzy's altar, you'll find him chilling on the right side, waiting for your help. Tap on that altar, and boom, you're in business!  

Your mission is to complete all of Ozzy's orders within the two-day timeframe to score some awesome rewards like Salt, Energy, and even Rare items. 🙌

To get a sneak peek at the amazing rewards that await, just tap on the gift icon on top of the orders. 🎁

✅ Submitting Orders:

  1. If you've got everything you need to complete an order, a handy green checkmark will appear above the altar. Tap on the altar to open the order list and hit that green 'GIVE' button to pass your resources to Ozzy.
  2. When you submit an order, a satisfying green checkmark will pop up on the order card, and the order will vanish from your board.
  3. But if you're missing some items, no need to stress. You can craft what you need and come back to complete the order. Or, you can click on the green button to send the specified amount of Rubies instead.
  4. Fulfill all of Ozzy's orders to get the ultimate gift. 🤩

🔃 Exchanging Orders:

If you're not feeling a particular order or want to mix things up, we've got you covered. Just tap on the '5 Rubies' icon on the top right of the order card, and Ozzy will hook you up with a new request. 

To change all orders, click on 'REFRESH ALL ORDERS' at the top of the orders to get all new ones in 2 hours. 

There's a timer above the altar that shows you how much time you have left until the new orders arrive. You can either wait for the requests to arrive or speed up the process by clicking on the timer and exchanging some Rubies.

🕛 Keeping an Eye on the Clock:

You'll see a timer above the order panel, letting you know how much time you have left until the order list is refreshed.

If you don't manage to complete all of Ozzy's orders within that two-day timeframe, you won't be able to claim those sweet rewards. But a fresh batch of orders and new opportunities will be waiting for you!

Ozzy has some incredible rewards waiting for you, so don't keep him waiting. Get out there, complete those orders, and let the goodies flow in! 🌟