Want to invite your pals to join in on the fun in Family Island? We've got your back!

Follow these steps to make sure you score awesome rewards, like Rubies and Energy:  🎁

To invite your friends to the Family Island adventure (available from level 4), here's what you do:  

  1. Tap that Menu icon on the top right of your screen.  
  2. Look for the invite friends icon and give it a tap. 

  3. Spot that green 'INVITE' button? Give it a click, and then choose how you want to invite your buddies.
  4. Make sure your friend sets sail on their Family Island adventure. ⛵
  5. Enjoy your great gift. 🎁

🕵️ Can't Find Your Rewards?

If you've invited a friend to join you on the journey, but haven't gotten your rewards, be on the lookout for the following:

  • 🔃 Fresh Install: Make sure your friend installs Family Island for the first time using your special link. If they've installed it before or used a different link, it won't count. Fresh installs only, islanders!

  • Level Up: Your friend needs to complete the tutorial and reach level 4. That's when the reward comes in! Remind them not to bail or delete the game right after, so we have a little time to see their journey.

  • 📱Compatible: Family Island should be installed on a device that officially supports Google Play or the App Store. Double-check to avoid any compatibility issues.

✨ If you haven't received your rewards yet but are sure you've checked all the boxes, hang tight!

Give it some time, restart the game, and check your mailbox. Oh, and tell your friend to give their game a restart too. Sometimes, rewards take a little while to show up.    

We're so happy you've invited your friend to join you on your island adventure.