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🫸 Swipe it Away: Start by swiping Family Island away from your task manager to close it. This ensures the game isn't running in the background. Continue by following the link.

🏝 Game Running in Background: If the above steps didn't work, here's another trick. Keep the game running in the background and then open the page with the daily gift link. Follow the link from there, and voila! You can collect your well-deserved reward.

👨‍💻 Default Browser Mode: Now, follow the gift link again, but if your device asks you which browser to use, make sure to use your default browser. This should bring you directly to the game and not the Store.

Remember, reward links expire within 24-48 hours after they're posted. So, don't keep our posts waiting for too long! Claim your rewards as soon as the links are published and enjoy the spoils of your virtual adventures! 🤠

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