Get ready to set sail on a treasure hunt adventure!
Here's how to play Adventure Treasure:

  1. Beginning the Adventure: Your journey starts with a special quest that pops up on your Home Island. Look for the Family boat and click on it. The Adventure Treasure offer reveals itself! But, to dive in, you'll need some Boat Tokens.
  2. Getting Boat Tokens: Gather up Tokens by completing all the tasks in the main Adventure Islands. Not sure which ones? The islands that give Boat Tokens will have a boat icon next to them. The more islands you conquer, the more Tokens you'll earn. 🎁

  3. Using Boat Tokens: Use your Tokens to unlock some seriously cool rewards in the Adventure Treasure offer - a unique promotion shown after tapping on the Family boat. 🕗

Make sure to keep an eye on the timer on the offer. As long as the event is live, you'll be able to collect Boat Tokens by completing Adventure Islands.

Once the Adventure Treasure event ends, your Boat Tokens will expire. So use them while they're available.
Get out there, explore some islands, and snag some awesome rewards. ⛵️