Ready to dive into the card-swapping sea? Here's your guide to sending and asking for Cards. 🎴


📬 Sending Cards

  1. Log into Facebook through the game and make sure to grant all app permissions. This helps ensure that your Cards reach your friends safely.  

  2. Go to your Card collection and tap on a card. Remember, only your duplicate (non-Gold) Cards can be sent to friends.  

  3. Ready to send? Tap 'Send Card'.  

You can only send a certain number of Cards each day. Once you've reached your limit, if you try to send a card, a timer will pop up, letting you know how much time you have left until you can send more.


🙏 Asking for Cards

  1. Connect the game to your Facebook and grant all app permissions.  

  2. Navigate to the Seasonal Album and tap the Card you're missing.  

  3. Hit the 'Ask Card' button.  

  4. Choose how you'll ask - through our Facebook trading group or on your feed. If you pick the group, just post an image of the card with a message like "Can anyone send me this card?" and wait for your friends to respond.  


🎁 Receiving Cards:

Any Cards sent your way, whether you're offline or deep in the game, will appear in a pop-up when you open the game next.


❓Having trouble finding a pal on your friends list? Make sure these steps are met:

  1. You added them as a Facebook Friend
  2. Your friend has Family Island installed
  3. They connected their game to their Facebook account
  4. Your friend granted all Facebook permissions through the game


🤹 Duplicate Market Points when Sending a Card:

Your duplicate Cards and Market points are connected. Whenever you use your duplicate Cards in the Market or trade them with a buddy, the same value in duplicate Cards will be removed from your album. On the flip side, adding duplicate Cards will increase the amount you have available.  


🏝️ Island Notes:

  • You can only swap Cards with fellow Family Island players who are also your Facebook friends

  • You can only send or ask for Cards from the current season  

  • Gold Cards can't be traded


Let's make your Card collection complete - let the trading begin!