Hey there, Islander!  

Customizing your island in Family Island is a breeze, and moving buildings and objects is super easy.

  1. Give the building or object a little tap-and-hold to start the process.  👆
  2. The building will rise and show a green arrow coming from the top of the building, which means it's ready for relocation.  
  3. Drag the object to the spot you like on your island.
  4. Tap the green checkmark to settle the building in its new home.  ✅

🚧 What Can I Do if My Building Isn't Moving?

  • Check that the area you want to place it is clear of other resources; otherwise, you won't be able to place it there.
  • Make sure it's not busy crafting. If a building is in use, you'll have to wait until it's done crafting items before you can move it.

You'll be a master island designer in no time. Go ahead and make your island the envy of all your Family Island friends!