The first thing to do is to check is your internet connection. To add a purchase to the game, your connection must be fairly stable. If the connection was interrupted during or immediately after the purchase, reboot the device, re-enter the game and check if the purchase has arrived.

Please note that sometimes it may take up to 24 hours for the purchase to appear in the game. In case your purchases still don't appear after 24 hours, please contact us through the Support button in the game - we'll do our best to help you!

We ask you to provide additional information about your purchase in your query:
1. The exact number of items purchased.
2. The approximate time when the purchase was made.
3. If you made the purchase through Google Play, please provide the GPA number of the purchase.
4. If you made the purchase through the App Store, please provide a screenshot of the receipt with the name of the purchased offer.

The receipt is e-mailed to the account used to make the purchase soon after the purchase has been completed. You can find more information about your purchase history in the customer support section on Apple or Google.