Taking care of your animal friends is an essential part of your Family Island adventure. Feeding animals helps you collect valuable resources and gain experience points, all while ensuring your beloved animals stay happy and well-fed.

😋 How Can I Tell If My Animals Are Hungry?

When you see a sack of feed floating above an animal, it means they're ready for a feast. If you're eager to speed things up, you can use rubies to skip the cooldown time.  

👩‍🍳 How Can I Cook Animal Feed to Feed The Animals?

  1. Go to the mill to choose the animal feed you want to create (check out the image above the animal to know the specific feed they need).
  2. Tap on the feed in the mill to see the ingredients needed.
  3. Once you have the right items, drag the feed sack you want into an empty slot at the bottom of your screen to kick off your animal feed cooking session. 
  4. Give your animal friend a tap and offer them a sack of feed. If they're hungry, they'll happily munch away and provide you with resources in return (like eggs, milk, and more).  

👀 Why Can't I See a Certain Animal?

Don't see a particular animal yet? No worries! Keep exploring, and it will join your island family at a later level.  

🏝️ Family Fun Fact: Your animals react to your touch - so give them a tap and see what happens!

Enjoy your island journey and happy farming!