Hey there, explorer! Need help finding resources or your animals? Worry not, the Magnifying Glass is here! 🤩

How to Use the Magnifying Glass:  🔎

  1. Tap the storage icon at the bottom of your screen.  
  2. Choose the ingredient or resource you're looking for.
  3. Tap the magnifying glass icon next to it.  
  4. Let the game guide you to a location where you can get what you need.

✨ Quests & Answers:

If you've got a quest that's got you on the hunt for specific items, just tap on the magnifying glass icon next to the items you need, and bam! You'll be whisked away to a spot that might just have what you're looking for. 

🌟 Remember: The magnifying glass is a nifty tool that points you in the right direction, but finding the exact resources at that spot isn't guaranteed.

Happy searching! 🗺️