Ready for a new look? We can help! 😎

✏️ Changing Your Nickname:

  1. Tap on your current avatar on the top left
  2. Tap on the green pencil next to your name to edit
  3. After you've made the change, give it a few minutes, then restart the app for the changes to take effect.  

⭐ Just a heads up: if you're having a bit of trouble changing your name in the game, make sure you're using the default keyboard on your device. You can adjust this in your device's settings.

👤 Changing Your Avatar or Frame:

  1. Tap on your current avatar on the top left
  2. Select an Avatar or Frame, and click on the 'Use' button

We're constantly working to add more to keep your island adventure fresh and exciting!  

🔥 Want to add a little extra flair to your avatar? Why not decorate it with special frames! You can snag these as rewards on your journey through the festival islands. It's just another way to make your Family Island experience uniquely yours.

So go ahead and get creative, after all, you're the star of the island! 🌟