Here is an important change in the game!

We have improved the timing of islands closing! You can now stay on Story Island until you go to the next island yourself!

Before the update, islands were supposed to close after the final mission on the island had been completed. A notification showed a limited number of days and hours before the island would close. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know in advance which task will be the final one.

So, now (in the new version of the game - 2020.11), after completing the final mission on the island, a window with a warning will appear. It will warn you that moving to the next island will close the current one in 24 hours. If there are still many resources on the current island that you would like to take home or if you have unexplored territories, just ignore the window and tap on the button "Stay".

Do not move to a new island until you are sure that you have done your best on the current island!