Oh no! Your Family Island characters are stuck, and the "Character is stuck" message keeps popping up, halting their island adventure. Worry not!

We're here to help you unblock your character's path and get your island family back on track.  

  • 👷 Clear the way: Make sure you haven't accidentally placed any buildings, tropical decor items, or other fun objects on the path to the right side of the island or in front of the stairs on the left side. Remember, your islanders need space to roam and embark on their exciting adventures!  

  • Arrange wisely: Check if you've unintentionally trapped your characters by surrounding them with buildings and decor items. If you find them stuck in a cozy island corner, just move some objects to a more suitable spot, giving your characters room to breathe and continue their journey.  

  • 👀 Keep an eye out: If you get the "Character cannot reach the destination" message, look for any obstacles between the character (who should perform the action) and the destination point, like pesky patches of grass, stubborn bushes, or cheeky decorations.  

🏝️ Island Insight: You can find more information on moving buildings and objects here.

Now you're ready to get back to your family's thrilling island adventure, and don't forget to have a blast along the way!