Ready to stow away that charming decoration or event item for a future island makeover?

➕ Adding Items to Storage:  

  1. Choose the item you want. Tap and hold it for a few seconds. 
  2. You'll notice a shopping cart icon appearing. Go ahead and tap it. 
  3. Voila! Your chosen decoration is now safely tucked away in your cart. To check, simply sail back to your Home Island and locate the cart. You'll find it waiting in the right bottom corner of your screen.  

 ⬅️ Getting items from storage:

  1. Tap on the Shopping Cart to access your storage
  2. Tap on the 'Storage' tab to access your collected items 📦
  3. Tap on the decoration you want and then on the 'SELECT' button
  4. Place it anywhere there's space on your Home Island and tap on the green check to confirm ✅
  5. Watch your space transform

Happy adventuring and decorating! 🌺