We are happy to announce that players have an opportunity to get free rubies just for installing the "My Cafe" game on their device.

How to get these 100 free rubies:

1. After reaching level 13 in the "Family Island" game you should receive an in-game e-mail with the offer to install "My Cafe" - that's our other project.
2. Follow the link in the email and download the "My Cafe" game on your device.
3. Reach level 7 in the "My Cafe" game and join or create your own town there.
4. Come back to the "Family Island" game and get your reward of 100 rubies!

📌Note: the reward can only be received if all the requirements have been met:

The "My Cafe" game was never installed before on your device
The "My Cafe" game should be installed using the link from the "Family island" email only
You should reach level 7 in "My Cafe" and be a member of any town.