Our family has hungry bellies - building a home on an island is hard work - and they need your help! 💪

  1. When you and the fam are low on Energy, or when you start hearing rumbling tummies, head on over to the Dinner Table, where you can see all the nice meals you've cooked using the hearth or cooking table. 😋

  2. Click on the Table to open it and drag your yummy meals into the free slots.

  3. Click on the plate icon on the right to alert your family that it's meal time. 🍽️

  4. Enjoy the Energy - make sure to spend it wisely. ⚡

 🌞 Bruce's Bits of Wisdom

 Bruce has some tips about feeding his family:

  • If you see the message 'Dinner table full', it means that all the available slots on the table are taken by other dishes. Feed your family to give them Energy and open up more table space.

  • When there's enough Energy for the family, and you try to feed them, you'll get the message 'Everyone is full'Spend some Energy and then come back to the table to serve your yummy food.

Let's get cooking! 🍳