Your support ID is a very important thing in the game. It contains letters and numbers and looks something like ABC123.

You always need to provide it when you contact our Support team with an issue, so that we can check what went wrong in your account. You also need to remember it or save it somewhere in case you need to reinstall the game or if you have chosen the wrong saving option. If you have your support ID, a lot of questions and issues can be solved a lot easier and faster ;)

Please note that your custom nickname in the game can't be used for any of the issues described above. Our Support team always needs your unique support ID.

So, how and where can you find it?

You can find it by tapping on your avatar in the game in the upper left corner of the screen.

You can find it in the game settings by opening the Menu in the upper right corner of the screen and tapping on settings button there. You can even copy your support ID from here by tapping the green button and after that you just need to paste it into a message to our Support team.

You can even see your support ID on the loading screen of the game when you are struggling to get into the game. It's visible in the upper left corner of the screen: