You can restore your previous game progress yourself if you’ve connected your game to a Facebook account before. Here’s an article in our FAQ about it.

To restore progress on the device, you need to open the game settings, click on the button to connect the game profile to your Facebook account (the account to which you linked the profile earlier), and then click on the same button again, a menu with two options will appear. " Local "and" Server ". To load the game data saved on the server, click "Server", the game will load your progress.

If you haven’t used this function before and after reinstallation of the game your appeared on the level 1, please, contact our support using the option in the game or on our website and provide your previous support ID, your current support ID and a receipt for a purchase if you’ve made any in your old account.

How to know where you can find your support ID? Here's an article about it in our FAQ.

Please, kindly note that we can help you only if you provide your previous support ID. If you don't remember it, try checking if you have any screenshots from the game where your previous support ID can be seen.