Hey there, Family Island fan! Ready to get a bunch of resources at once? Dynamite is just what you need! 🧨

💥 Types of Dynamite:  

There are two types: small (for smaller areas) and big (for larger areas).


💎 Getting Your Dynamite:  

You can use your Rubies to buy dynamite from the in-game store, or you can hunt for it on an island:

🛒 From the store:

  1. Tap the "Cart" button
  2. Go to the "Energy" section
  3. Tap on the image of the dynamite
  4. Tap on the Ruby total
  5. Place the dynamite on the map and click on the green checkmark to confirm ✅to get your goodies

🏝️ On an island:

  1. Find the dynamite on the island. Check under the flame to see how much it costs. 🔥
  2. Click on it to see the resources that will be removed (they'll be highlighted).
  3. Give the dynamite another click to confirm your purchase.
  4. Kick back, watch the boom, and enjoy your new resources.

📦 Using Dynamite from Your Inventory:  

  1. Select the dynamite from your inventory.  
  2. Choose the area on your island that needs clearing (when you go to place your dynamite, the highlighted part shows where the dynamite will work its magic).  
  3. Click on the green check mark to place it. ✅ Choose wisely, though, because you can't move it after it's been placed.
  4. Watch the dynamite go off and benefit from your new resources.

🦖 Dino's Dynamite Tips:

  • Placing dynamite in an empty spot will grant you Energy. ⚡
  • When you use dynamite on resources that need multiple chops, it'll only work its magic on the first layer, so you'll still have some chopping fun. 🪓

Now you're ready to have a blast! 🎉